I’m Kiah,

a California ranch girl on a mission to help empower others to love themselves to health and happiness.

I’m a passionate advocate for agriculture, a proud UC Davis alumna, and an explorer that loves traveling the world. When I’m not coaching, you might find me front porch sitting with my Kentucky gentleman and husband Brent or spending time helping my family on their rural cattle ranch in California.

I started life coaching after embarking on my own personal development journey. After 25 years of struggling with my weight, I finally decided to take control of my life and begin my journey to better health.

I promised myself I wouldn’t commit to anything I wasn’t willing to do for the rest of life. No fad diets. No “magic” pills. Just simple food and exercise.

On this journey, I’ve lost more than 100 pounds and I finally found what I was missing every time I tried losing weight before: self-love and a mindset for success.

If you can change your mindset, you can change your life. I’m here to help you do just that.